Acrylic Painting 101

Acrylic Painting 101

Welcome to acrylic painting 101. Here you will find a supply checklist consisting of each item I use to create acrylic paintings on canvas.

1. Blick Professional Acrylic Gesso

2. Sand Paper

3. Variety of different paint brushes

4. Golden Open Acrylic Paints

5. Transportable Box for Paint Supplies

6. Butcher Tray

7. Mason Jar for Water

8. Art Easel

9. Papermate #2 Pencils

10. Blick Premier Stretched Cotton Canvas

I start each painting by priming my canvas. I paint a thick layer of gesso, let it dry and sand it down. I do this process for two or three layers depending on how smooth I want my surface to be. Next I use a pencil to block in the composition or draw in the subject matter of what I will be painting. With my first layer of acrylic paint my goal is to loosely cover the canvas and block in lights and darks (the contrast). Next, I sand the entire painting down so it is completely smooth. After sanding, I essentially do the painting again. This is the layer where I add in all the detail. It's nice to continue the painting on the edge/sides of the canvas so your customer has the option to hang it directly on their wall without a frame.   

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