How To Design + Manufacture Scarves

How To Design + Manufacture Scarves

1. Photograph your painting. I currently use a Nikon D60 for photographing my paintings. I set my painting on my art easel in bright natural indirect sunlight. I simply shoot in "auto mode" and never use a flash. Upload the image to your computer.

2. Create a new photoshoot file. In photoshop select FILE > NEW FILE 

For a square scarf use 22"x22" | For an oblong scarf use 27"x70"

3. Drop your photographed painting file into your photoshop file. 

4. Edit your image/painting as desired or create a repeating pattern.

Suggested edits: Brightness/Contrast, Vibrance/Saturation, Scale using the Transform tool 

5. Export your finished file as a PDF

6. Find a manufacturer. I have used an amazing company called Dynamic Asia. They can produce as little at 1,800 units at a time. The process of approving samples and ordering bulk production will take a few months. 

7. Schedule a photoshoot to document your product -> Add the product to your website -> Market your scarves -> Sell!

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