Reverse Engineer Your Creative Career

Reverse Engineer Your Creative Career

In order to achieve a goal it must start as a thought in your mind. I begin this process by connecting to my higher self or my most authentic self through meditation. 

Meditations I Enjoy: Joe Dispenza, To Be Magnetic, Aaron Doughty

Once I have calmed my nervous system and quieted my ego I envision the lofty goals I aim to achieve in this lifetime, what my perfect day looks like and how I want to feel in my "dream creative career".

Next I complete two of my favorite journaling exercises.

The first prompt I call The Creative Career Timeline. You'll start by drawing a starting point on the left side of the paper. Title this point "Here and Now". On the far right side of the page draw another dot and list the greatest manifestation you are calling in. In the middle of these two points write additional key moments you'd like to happen in the timeline of your life. I like to look at each point on the timeline and see which items I can accomplish in the here and now. 

For the second journaling exercise you are going to write down a list of "expanders". Expanders are people who have exemplified elements of the dream career you are creating. Next to each name write which elements of their career you admire and want to incorporate into your own. Use your expanders as motivation and affirmation. If they did it, you can too! 

Below are my personal examples created from these prompts:

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